Pompeo lashes out

Pompeo was in the corner, outspokenly angry and nervous. He was scratching the back of his right ear. Some security staff passed by and gazing his abdomenal part, said something in the communication device, behind sunglasses, grinning, all under the light of the LED spots, hung 20 feet above very important heads. It was his turn, so the precedent attendee stepped away and made a slight gesture from Pompeo to the podium. From behind, the transparent prompter was reflecting some white lines of light. Pompeo saw them falling like bolts of lightning on his tiny box. This box contained fecal materia. So he began his speech, whatever, he looked so depressed right now, he didn’t care, whatever, he said, I had to suffer such an affront, an insult, an infamy for me and my family… and all that because of this man, and his finger was already pointing at a man whose appearance seemed to be ethnical. So Pompeo opened his tiny box and started to throw the fecal materia on the top of the head of this man. The viscous stuff landed little heap by little heap, with some characteristic liquid and heavy cold noise. Pompeo shout Yeaah !! He was dancing like a teenage R’n’B performer, making some arms cool moves, very smooth and soft inside, he moved simultaneously his hips and his shoulders in opposite rotations, it was very impressive. All was happening fast but security staff was blatantly overwhelmed, they were sort of trapped in the momentum, meanwhile Pompeo was shouting his name at every direction with a Hispanic groove like before the start of a Corrida : Pompeo !! Pompeo !! Pompeo !!

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