Fat girl

It is a fat girl

More of a young woman, a fat young woman

It is fest time, grape harvest at Russin, a small village, Geneva countryside

The wine is bad but the atmosphere makes the deal worth it

She meets a regular guy on the railway station

One train per direction, no much choice, the guy is alone and she is with two short friends

A guy pretending to be all ironical but quite clumsy at the end, no talent for speech

A girl, her best friend maybe, nothing special, just distant with a beer in a hand

So the fat girl meets this guy

They start a kind of talking or at least a primitive form of human interaction, turning around each other, nodding slowly, voluntarily stumbling slightly upon small rocks, the concrete step of the station shelter, some other stuff lying everywhere, love is everywhere with some hope and blood inside, she thinks she’s gonna make it this time, so that’s it

They go to the village by train and inside she hangs on the horizontal steel bar above the lateral sits, letting her hairy armpits disclosed. Her guy is pissing inside the toilet compartment

“Why so happy ? There is a smily smile all other the face there…”

“You’re jealous ?”

“Of what ?”

“I’m gonna get laid tonight…”

“Ah ?”

“…wine, party, it’s good, just wondering at my place or his…”

“Hmm, it’s like everything is there to meet the conditions, but… you’re sure ?”

“Of what ?”

“He is there for the fest, the wine, all free, we will have some fun, sure, but afterwards ?”
“You think I am going to screw it ?”

“…not especially you, but afterwards, outside the village, after the fresh air, it’s the apartment, some sultry conditioned air, wine will be too much yet, and he could be not exactly in the mood anymore, and no boner after all the hypothetical excitement…”

“…yeah, just some eerie silence and long small talk till one of us throw the towel…”

She lands on the ground in a deaf sound of shocked body

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